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Math Competition

The 35th Annual Jacob-Cohen-Killam Mathematics Competition

was held February 11, 2020 from 7-9 PM in LGRT 121

First Prize $1600
Second Prize $1000
Third Prize $600
Fourth Prize $200

The competition is open to all Freshman and Sophomore degree students at UMass Amherst. Continuing Education Students and close relatives of faculty members of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics are not eligible.

The background for the exam is basic algebra, elementary number theory, and calculus; no upper-division coursework is necessary. Here are some sample problems taken from previous competitions that show the kinds of problems and the degree of difficulty one should expect.


  John Baillieul
  James Francis
  Roy Perdue

Past winners

  2004 Elena Zaurova (First Place), Kevin Grimaldi (Second Place), Edward Slavich (Third Place), Thomas Folz-Donahue, Vitaliy Lvin and Michael Sindelar (Honorable Mention)
  2005 Kevin Grimaldi (First Place), Shaohan Hu (Second Place), Daniel Arpino (Third Place), Jesse Winn (Honorable Mention)
  2006 Shaohan Hu (First Place), Michael Krainin (Second Place), Hilary Scheintaub (Third Place), Alexander McAvoy (Honorable Mention)
  2007 Michael Kranin (First Place), Andrew Hall, Kai Xiao (Second Place)
  2008 Andrew Hall (First Place), Kai Xiao (Second Place), Kim Kyungyoon (Third Place), Yi Ding (Honorable Mention)
  2009 Nathan Harmon (First Place), Keaton Burns (Second Place), Boxuan Cui (Third Place), Anton Medvedev (Fourth Place), Jinlong Tan (Honorable Mention)
  2010 Nathan Harmon (First Place), Jingyu Chen (Second Place), Magnum Lew (Third Place), Nicolas Reyes (Fourth Place), Thomas Ryabin (Honorable Mention)
  2011 Jingyu Chen (First Place), Sunjeong Im (Second Place), Magnum Lew (Third Place-tied), Keenan Mahan (Third Place-tied), Nicholas Reyes (Honorable Mention), Sofya Vorotnikova (Honorable Mention)
  2012 Michael Bjorge (First Place), Andrey Smirnov (First Place), Andrew Maurer (Third Place), Keenan Mahan (Fourth Place), Dan Phelps (Fourth Place), Ryan Szeto (Fourth Place)
  2013 Michael Bjorge (First Place), Andrey Smirnov (Second Place), Jeffrey Amirault (Third Place), Ping Fung (Third Place), Nathaniel Scholnick (Third Place)
  2014 Batkhuyag Batsaikhan (First Place), Aaron Dunbrack (Second Place), Da Lu (Second Place), Jeremiah Davis (Fourth Place)
  2015 Aaron Dunbrack (First Place), Michael Mueller (Second Place), Robert Ambrose (Third Place), Kai Nakamura (Fourth Place)
  2016 Thomas Bogue (First Place), Kai Nakamura (First Place), Aubrey Wiederin (First Place - 3-way tie), James Hagborg (Second Place)
  2017 James Hagborg (First Place), Alexander Fischer (Second Place), Artem Vysogorets (Third Place), Daniel Weber (Fourth Place)
  2018 Patrick Lei (First Place), Nishad Ranade (Second Place), Mark Xiang (Third Place), Shirui Cao (Third Place)