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Undergraduate Advising Information and Admission to the Major

Fall 2021 Course Registration Advising: Primary Majors in Math & Stat will receive information by email by Tuesday, March 23 regarding Fall 2021 course registration advising and advising hold removal.

  • Primary Math Majors with faculty advisors (most non-freshmen primary Math Majors) will be contacted by their advisor no later than Tuesday, March 23 to make an advising appointment. The appointment should take place during the week of March 29 - April 2. If you have not heard from your advisor by March 24, please notify Jacob Lagerstrom immediately.
  • Primary Math Majors without faculty advisors (first-year freshmen primary Math majors) will receive instructions on how to proceed by Tuesday, March 23.
  • Secondary Math Majors do not receive registration holds from the Math & Stat Dept. Secondary Majors are not required to meet with an advisor in Math & Stat. Secondary Majors may make an advising appointment through Navigate. Secondary Majors may also email a member of our advising team if they have specific questions.

Advising Office: LGRT 1521E - Closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Phone: 413-545-2282 - This phone number is not currently being checked due to the office closure.

Contact Information:

Appointments: Log into Navigate to make an appointment for a ZOOM meeting. If you can't make an appointment through Navigate, please email Jacob Lagerstrom, including some upcoming times that you are available to meet.

Questions? Students may email specific questions to Academic Advisor Jacob Lagerstrom, the Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Matthew Dobson, or the Associate Chief Undergraduate Advisor, Garret Cahill.

Becoming a Math Major: First, review the Major requirements and concentrations, then:

All current UMass students must declare a concentration upon entry to the Math major. Existing Majors who entered as Freshmen will be asked to select a concentration before the registration period for their third semester, but are welcome and encouraged to select one earlier. To add or change a concentration, or to select a second concentration, please email Jacob Lagerstrom.

Criteria for Admission to the Major: There are no specific criteria for admission, but Majors should be aware that a C or better is needed in Math 132 in order to take certain upper level courses required for the Major.

Interested in the Minor? Students wishing to minor in math should consult the Minor and Secondary Major page. Direct any questions about the Minor or requests to add the Minor to Garret Cahill.