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Statistical Consulting & Collaboration Services

Director: Krista J Gile

Statistical Consultation and Collaboration Services (SCCS) provides statistical consulting and collaboration to researchers at UMass, the Five Colleges, and elsewhere, through individual meetings and support for interdisciplinary research projects.

SCCS can help with all phases of statistical analysis. We can assist with:

  • Study design and analysis plans
  • Performing data analysis
  • Interpreting results
  • Preparing grants and publications

What we cannot offer: We generally do not provide manual entry of data into database or technical support with statistical software. We do not assist students with homework.

Request Services

To request services, please click on the link below to complete a short questionnaire describing your project.

Consultation request form

If you are unable to complete the online form, you can send us an email to with a brief description of your problem and your contact information. It is helpful if you could provide the following information:

  • Description of the variables to be measured
  • Research questions that you want to address using statistical methods
  • A sample of the data or a copy of the survey, if available
  • Papers about previous studies of a similar nature which might aid us in helping you, if available

Once we receive your information, a staff member will contact you to arrange an initial consultation, which is provided free of charge. This contact usually takes place within 2 days of receipt of your request


Our rates depend on the type of researcher.

Group A: from UMass, the Five Colleges, local governments, non-profits.
Group B: from external, for-profit entities.

Our rates also depend on the type of statistical collaborator.

Our hourly rates
  collaborating with
collaborating by Group A Group B
Graduate Student $50 $75
Faculty $150 $200


Schedule of statistical consulting events.