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The research interests of the analysis faculty at Umass Amherst include a variety of fields in pure analysis (Fourier analysis, dispersive Hamiltonian's PDE's, hyperbolic conservation laws) and well as numerous applications of analysis to systems of physical origin (Schrödinger and wave equations; travelling waves, breathers, solitons and other nonlinear phenomena; ergodic theory for finite and infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems; fluid mechanics; kinetic equations in statistical mechanics)

The Applied Analysis and Computation Seminar, supported by the Center for Applied Mathematics, meets weekly. It serves as an interdisciplinary forum and features mostly external speakers on a wide range of topics in analysis, probability and applied mathematics.

Research Areas

Dynamical systems and Ergodic Theory: Panos Kevrekidis, Yao Li, Yulong Lu, Luc Rey-Bellet, HongKun Zhang

Harmonic analysis: Andrea Nahmod

Mathematical Physics: Panos Kevrekidis, Yulong Lu, Luc Rey-Bellet, HongKun Zhang

Nonlinear PDEs: Nestor Guillen, Markos Katsoulakis, Panos Kevrekidis, Andrea Nahmod, Sohrab Shahshahani, Bruce Turkington, Robin Young