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UMass honors student parks himself into honors at the JMM

Christo Keller, an undergraduate honors student at UMass Amherst, and Eunice Sukarto, an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, presented their poster "Counting k-Naples Parking Functions Through Permutations and the k-Naples Area Statistic" during the Virtual Student Poster Session at JMM 2021. Their poster received an Honorable Mention from the committee. They received great positive comments for content and presentation. For instance:

  • You had a lot of great results. Maybe too many for one poster. I would think about breaking this up into two papers. One addressing your work on counting the number of k-Naples parking functions and the second perhaps on your statistical results. I would also add an abstract to your poster. Great job overall!
  • Nice job answering questions during presentation--you both were very confident in your material and gave thoughtful answers.
  • I was impressed with your clear start at the beginning; it may seem obvious, but we are not familiar with your research, and it can be tempting to not fully explain the problem since you are! Well done. Both presenters were clear and poised and responded well to questions. Even when a question was asked that the presenter didn't know, he did acknowledge that he had resources to answer it and was willing to converse further.
  • I was also impressed with both presenters' abilities to catch them and explain them live so that we could follow along with you.

The work they presented was done during the summer program AIM UP ( together with three other undergraduate students from other universities and Laura Colmenarejo (Marshall H. Stone VAP at UMass Amherst) as the team leader. Their paper has been accepted recently for publication in Enumerative Combinatorics and Applications ( Check out the latest version on the Arxiv here: