Faculty News Briefs

January 2001

Professor Eduardo Cattani spent the 7-week period February 1 ñ March 20, 2011 at the Institut Mittag-Leffler as an invited participant in the program ìAlgebraic Geometry with a View to Applications.î

The following information is available on the Instituteís website. Institut Mittag-Leffler is an international center for research and postdoctoral training in the mathematical sciences. It was founded in 1916 by Professor Gˆsta Mittag-Leffler and his wife Signe, who donated their magnificent villa with its first-class library for the purpose of creating the Institute that bears their name. The Institute, the oldest mathematics research institute in the world, operates under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences but enjoys great autonomy. The research programs offer mathematicians the opportunity to spend a period of time at the Institute doing research under optimal circumstances, in the company of and in collaboration with the internationally leading scientists in their respective fields. A special subject area within the mathematical sciences, pure or applied, is chosen for each semester or full year. The internationally most prominent mathematicians in that area are invited along with Swedish and Nordic researchers. Postdoctoral grants are offered to junior participants. The principal aim is to promote substantial progress in mathematical research via informal interaction between experts and newcomers in the chosen field. This is achieved primarily by just bringing them together under optimal conditions. Projects and collaborations are begun that may mature into fruitful research years later. The experience of conducting research at the Institute has been of pivotal importance for the postdoctoral training and development of many young mathematicians.

Professor Rob Kusner will lead a HYPERLINK "http://www.crm.sns.it/event/222/index.html" l "title" workshop on geometric knots at the Centro di Ricerca Matematica Ennio de Giorgi in Pisa this June. He has also been invited to organize (with three physics colleagues) a summer school on knotted fields and materials at the Santa Barbara campus of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics during June and July 2012.

Professor Michael Lavine gave a webinar on Data Visualization with R for NITLE, the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. There were three sessions on February 2, 9, and 23, 2011. On February 23 Michael also gave a talk titled ìWhat Is Bayesian Statistics and Why Everything Else Is Wrongî at the Mount Holyoke Math Club.

On February 23, 2011 Professor Andrea Nahmod gave a talk at the Analysis Seminar at Brown University titled ìPeriodic Derivative NLS: Almost Sure Global Existence and Invariance of its Weighted Wiener Measure.î

On March 8, 2011 Professor Franz Pedit gave a talk in the Geometry Seminar at the University of California, Irvine titled ìSurfaces of Constant Mean Curvature: Theory and Experiment.