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Applying to the Graduate Programs

Catalogs and other general information about graduate study at UMass are available from the Graduate School. More information about how to apply as well as a link to the online application can be found here. You can check whether your materials have been received here.

Please note that applications must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions, not to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and that the Department will not even see the application if the application fee is not paid. The application fee can be waived only for U.S. applicants who qualify to receive a GRE fee waiver and submit appropriate documentation. Unfortunately, the application fee cannot be waived for international students. The application for admission also serves as an application for financial aid.

Please make sure that your application clearly indicates which degree you wish to apply for. These categories have different criteria for admission, and the applications may even be read by different people.

  • Ph.D. in mathematics (this includes students interested in applied areas): on the online application, choose Doctoral Degree and then Mathematics (Ph.D.)
  • Ph.D. in statistics: choose Doctoral Degree and then Mathematics [Statistics] (Ph.D.)
  • M.S. in statistics at Amherst campus: choose Masters Degree and then Mathematics [Statistics] (M.S.) Amherst
  • M.S. in statistics at Newton satellite campus: choose Masters Degree, then Mathematics [Statistics] (M.S.) Newton. (deadline is June 30 [domestic students] and May 31 [international students] for Fall semester for Newton only)
  • M.S. in applied mathematics: choose Masters Degree and then Applied Mathematics (M.S.)

Note that although the graduate school lists an M.S. in mathematics, we do not usually admit students who only want a Master's; you should apply to the Ph.D. program.

Applicants to the Ph.D. in mathematics can indicate specific areas or subjects they are interested in under Sub-field or specialization. Do not put statistics in this space — instead use the statistics items from the pull-down menus as explained above.

It is possible to apply for both the M.S. and Ph.D. program in statistics at the same time; choose Both Masters and Doctoral Degs and then Mathematics [Statistics] (M.S./Ph.D.).

A complete application to the Graduate school consists of the following (see here for further instructions):

  • The University's application form (either paper or online form), with the application fee paid,
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended,
  • At least two letters of recommendation
  • A personal statement explaining the student's interest in pursuing graduate studies in mathematics or statistics,
  • For international applicants: an International Student Financial Statement,
  • The following exams scores (all score reports should be sent by ETS using the code for UMass, which is 3917):
    • The GRE mathematics subject exam score (required for applicants to the Mathematics PhD program, except for the Statistics subfield).
    • The TOEFL score report (not required for U.S. citizens or those whose undergraduate institution used English as the primary language).
    • The GRE general exam scores are strongly recommended, but not required, (please see the FAQ for additional details).
    • UPDATE Fall 2020: Because of the impact of COVID-19 on ETS test administration, we will not require the GRE subject exam for application to the Mathematics PhD program. We do require submission of a TOEFL score.

Answers to some questions applicants frequently ask

Information especially for international applicants

Note that the letters of recommendation are read very seriously; we encourage sending more than two letters if they will provide a better picture of a student's achievements. See the FAQ for details on GRE scores.

All applicants are expected to have a strong undergraduate preparation in mathematics, including (at least) advanced calculus and linear algebra. Other advanced courses such as real analysis, differential equations, and abstract algebra, are highly recommended. A list of courses taken, with names of textbooks and instructors, would be a useful supplement to the application.

For the statistics option, an undergraduate degree in statistics is not required. Many of our successful statistics students have a degree in mathematics or another field such as engineering, computer science, biological sciences, together with substantial coursework in mathematics.


Note: The admission process for the Ph.D. in Mathematics is completed for Fall 2020.

To be considered for a fall teaching assistantship, all application materials should be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office by February 1, preferably earlier in the case of foreign applicants. Most offers are made by mid-April. Except in unusual circumstances, we do not admit students for the Spring semester.

The University of Massachusetts has signed the Council of Graduate School's resolution, which says that students offered admission for the Fall semester have at least until April 15th to decide whether to accept the offer.