Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

Undergraduates with appropriate mathematics backgrounds are encouraged to apply for a Teaching Assistantship position. The application deadline for Fall 2022 is May 6, 2022.

Teaching Assistant (TA) Duties

Below is a list of "typical" duties of Teaching Assistants. Duties will vary for different courses TAs are assigned to assist with. The supervising professor should provide details about expectations for a specific course.

  • Assist with the teaching and administration of a large lecture section in a course such as Math 100, 101, 102, 104, 121, 127, 128.
  • Attend and assist (with questions, material distribution etc) during the weekly lectures of the supervising professor.
  • Prepare and run study groups and discussion sections.
  • Hold office hours in the course's help center.
  • Serve as proctor in the course's exams.
  • Answer students' emails.
  • Coordinate with the professor and the other TAs.

The regular TA workload is 8.75 hours per week.

Spring 2022 Application

Spring 2022 Re-Application