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Undergraduate Advising Information and Admission to the Major

Spring 2018 pre-registration for Fall 2018 classes

  • You should now see your Enrollment Appointment on the right-side of your Student Center page in Spire. Click on the details to find your exact enrollment time.
  • If you do not yet have a concentration within the major, you must now declare one.  You can email your choice to Jacob Lagerstrom.  All majors should have a concentration declared by the end of March.
  • An advising hold (with Start Date 3/7) has been placed on ALL primary Math majors.  No holds are placed by our department on secondary majors.
    • If you have a Primary Program Advisor listed on your Student Center page in Spire, you will meet with your advisor during the week of March 26 and the advisor will release the hold.  You advisor should contact you by March 21 with his or her advising schedule.
    • If you do not see a faculty member advisor listed on Spire (this will apply mostly to first-year students), please drop-in for peer advising.  Within 24 hours of your meeting with a peer advisor, we will release the hold.  Peer advising will start on March 22.
    • If you are graduating in May, you do not need to meet with an advisor, but we encourage you to touch base with your advisor later in the semester.

Advising Office: LGRT 1521E is open during these times.

Phone: 413-545-2282

Admission to the Major: Students wishing to major in Mathematics should stop by 1521E. Students interested in math as a secondary major or the minor in math should first read the Minor and Secondary Major page.

No new secondary majors in Math will be admitted March 26-April 6.

Criteria for admission: Students need to meet with Jacob Lagerstrom before being admitted to the major (drop in whenever the office is open, see above). Students who hold junior year status or higher will also have to meet with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor (Eric Sommers) before being admitted to the major. There are no specific criteria for admission, other than the ability to complete the major in a reasonable timeframe. Majors should, however, be aware that a C or better is needed in Math 132 in order to take certain upper level courses required for the major.

Existing Majors:  To change or add a concentration, or switch from SM-Math to BS-Math, please email Jacob Lagerstrom.

Drop-in advising:  For the weeks of March 19 and 26, you may drop by during business hours to speak with Jacob Lagerstrom or email Eric Sommers for an appointment, although generally students should be meeting with their faculty advisor or a peer advisor during this period.

Peer Advising for Math majors

Peer Advising in the Mathematics and Statistics Department is intended for primary Math majors who do not yet have a Primary Program Advisor listed in Spire. Peer advising will be available from March 22 to April 13 and will be held in LGRT 1521E. The biographies of each peer advisor are listed below.

Please meet with a peer advisor who has experience in your interests!

Peer Advising Schedule

March 22 - 23

Thurs, March 22:
9:00-11:00: Ryan
1:30-2:10: Edward
3:15-5:00: Greg

Fri, March 23:
9:30-11:30: Diana
12:45-2:45: Kristina
2:45-4:45: Brenna

March 26 - 30

Mon, March 26:
9:45-11:45: Anthony
12:45-2:45: Edward
2:45-4:45: Brenna

Tues, March 27:
9:00-11:00: Kristina
2:45-4:45: Anthony

Wed, March 28:
9:00-11:00: Ryan
1:45-4:45: Diana

Thurs, March 29:
9:00-11:00: Ryan
2:30-4:30: Greg

Fri, March 30:
9:00-10:30: Greg
1:30-3:30: Edward
3:30-4:30: Brenna

Peer Advising hours for April 2 - 13 will be posted soon.

Peer Advisors

Ryan Fantasia

Ryan Fantasia is a senior mathematics major on the applied track, with a minor in biology. He is pre-medical and plans to pursue and M.D./Ph.D. after graduation. His specific interests lie in the application of mathematics to molecular biology, which has been realized through participation in the Modeling and Simulation in Systems Biology REU, and current research on campus.

Diana Hansen

Hello! My name is Diana Hansen and I am a junior. I will complete a dual degree in Math with a concentration in Actuarial Science as well as Finance in Isenberg. I have passed the first two actuary exams, FM and P (Financial Mathematics and Probability). I am the President of Gamma Iota Sigma (the Actuary Club), a TA for Math 127 and 128, and involved with a few other clubs on campus.

Edward McCormick

If you're looking for someone who's tried a little bit of everything, I'm your guy. I'm a senior Math major with an individual concentration and secondary majors in Economics and English. I spent last summer doing an REU in combinatorics here at UMass and the summer before that studying abroad at the University of Sussex in England. I also work at the Learning Resource Center as a student tutor, and have worked as a grader as well.

Greg McGrath

I'm a double major in (Pure) Math and Computer Science and a member of the Honors College. I've studied abroad twice, once in England and once at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics. I'm a TA for Math 300 and CMPSCI 501. I will be doing a PhD in Mathematics next fall.

Anthony Rentsch

I am a senior pursuing a dual degree in mathematics, with a concentration in statistics, and political science. At UMass, I have taken classes in both the math and political science departments to prepare me for graduate school and a career in data science. I have been a research assistant for a political science professor who does political polling and other survey research and can talk about my experiences with applying statistics to the social sciences.

This past summer I was a summer fellow with Boston's Citywide Analytics Team, a part of the City's Department of Innovation and Technology, which gave me practical experience doing data science work. In the fall I took a class on data analysis and machine learning at Amherst College, so I can talk about the process to take classes through the Five College Consortium if they are interested. On the non-academic side, I love to play Spikeball - if you have ever heard of it or have played yourself I'd love to talk about it with you.

Brenna Walsh

I am a Junior majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Teaching and minor in Education. I am President of the newly founded Math Teaching Club on campus, a tutor at Amherst high school, and very passionate about math education. I also work at Worcester Market, a convenience store on campus, which I enjoy.

Kristina Yamkovoy

Kristina is a senior Mathematics major with concentrations in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Her research focus lies in the applications of mathematical concepts in biology, in particular infectious disease modelling. She is also interested in data science and is an officer for Undergraduate Researchers in Data (UGRiD). She has held multiple internships, which have involved working with medical data and developing machine learning software for forecasting wind conditions.