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Faculty in statistics have a range of interests from theoretical, to methodological, to applied. We regularly consult and collaborate with our colleagues throughout the university and participate in multidisciplinary research. We offer a statistics concentration for undergraduate math majors, a Masters degree, and a statistics specialization for PhD students. The Monday afternoon statistics seminar features both theoretical and applied talks and internal and external speakers.

Research Areas

Bayesian statistics: Erin Conlon, Patrick Flaherty, Michael Lavine

Bioinformatics and biostatistics: John Buonaccorsi, Erin Conlon, Patrick Flaherty, Anna Liu, John Staudenmayer

Computational statistics: Krista J Gile, Patrick Flaherty, Daeyoung Kim, Vincent Lyzinski, Brian Van Koten

Estimating equations: Daeyoung Kim

Finite mixture models: Daeyoung Kim

Foundations: John Buonaccorsi, Krista J Gile, Michael Lavine

Linear models: John Buonaccorsi, H. K. Hsieh

Measurement error models: John Buonaccorsi, John Staudenmayer

Mixed models and smoothing: Daeyoung Kim, Anna Liu, John Staudenmayer

Network Analysis and Sampling: Krista J Gile, Vincent Lyzinski

Quantitative ecology: John Buonaccorsi, Michael Lavine

Reliability and survival analysis: H. K. Hsieh

Social Science Statistics: Krista J Gile, Vincent Lyzinski

Variational inference: Patrick Flaherty

Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Services

Who we are

SCCS provides statistical consulting and collaboration to researchers at UMass, the Five Colleges, and elsewhere, through individual meetings and support for interdisciplinary research projects. The SCCS staff are statistics faculty and students at UMass and the Five Colleges.

For more information about consulting services, please visit their webpage.