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Panos Kevrekidis Wins International Research Scholar Award

Panos Kevrekidis was recently awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany for his outstanding research accomplishments.
He is one of only 20 researchers worldwide to receive the honor this year. The award, valued at
€45,000 or about $49,000, includes the invitation to spend up to a year on long-term research
projects with specialist colleagues of Panos’s choice in Germany.

Panos, whose work straddles mathematics and physics, says he hopes to spend a total of perhaps
12 months in three-month segments starting next year with researchers at the universities of
Heidelberg and Hamburg. There he plans to collaborate with experimental and theoretical groups
in physics, especially atomic physics and nonlinear optics, and to use the applied mathematical
tools and techniques his group is developing to address relevant physical problems of interest to
these groups.

Panos is one of UMass Amherst’s most often recognized research scholars. In 2014 the activity
group on dynamical systems of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics awarded him
its coveted John David Crawford Prize for “contributions to our understanding of localized
solutions of nonlinear wave equations and for developing these for a variety of applications in
nonlinear optics and condensed matter physics including Bose Einstein condensates and granular
crystals.” In the same year, the Academy of Athens, Greece awarded him its Aristides F. Pallas
Prize for his paper on “Nonlinear Waves in Lattices: Past, Present, Future,” a review that
included the mathematical analysis of dynamical models associated with optical waveguide
arrays and granular crystal structures.

The Humboldt Foundation, named after the 19 th century geographer, naturalist and explorer,
promotes “academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from

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