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Faculty News Briefs

April 2017

Visiting Assistant Professor Stathis Charalampidis attended the Tenth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory (29 March - 1 April). There he gave two invited talks, "Formation of rogue waves in nonlinear Schroedinger systems: Theory and Computation" and "Multi-component nonlinear waves in nonlinear Schroedinger systems," and he also organized a special session Nonlinear Waves: Mathematical Methods and Applications.

Between 24-28 March, VAP Jacob Matherne traveled to the University of Georgia, where he gave a talk in the Algebra Seminar titled "A Combinatorial Fourier transform for type A quiver representation varieties."

Sponsored by the JSPS Program Mathematical Science of Symmetry, Topology and Moduli, Professor Franz Pedit was invited to the 2nd OCAMI-KOBE-WASEDA Joint International Workshop on Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems in Japan during 9-19 March. He delivered two talks at Tokyo Metropolitan University on March 11 titled "Towards a constrained Willmore conjecture" and "Energy quantization of harmonic 2-spheres in non-compact (semi-Riemannian) symmetric spaces." On 14 and 17 March 14, Franz gave two more invited lectures at Osaka City University titled "Classification of Moebius homogeneous 2-spheres in the conformal n-sphere" and "Energy quantization of harmonic 2-spheres in non-compact (semi-Riemannian) symmetric spaces." He spoke again on the latter topic at the workshop Minimal surfaces: integrable systems and visualization held in Cork, Ireland, between 25-30 March.

VAP Yaping Yang attended the AMS Sectional Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, during 10-12 March. Based on joint work with Gufang Zhao, her talk "From homotopy theory to representation theory" was part of the special session Geometric Methods in Representation Theory.

Professor Hongkun Zhang was invited to give a colloquium talk 10 March at Tufts University on "Diffusion of Lorentz gas on scatterers with flat point." The same day, Visiting Assistant Professor Jianyu Chen spoke in the Tufts Dynamical Systems Seminar on "Statistical properties of one-dimensional expanding maps with singularities of low regularity."

In old news from last summer, grad students Rich Buckman and Andrew Havens attended two conferences:
Perspectives in topology and geometry of 4-manifolds (Inter University Center, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 6-10 June 2016), and
The 12th William Rowan Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop in Low-dimensional topology, complex and symplectic geometry (The Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 22-26 August 2016).

And in even older news, Professor Rob Kusner was invited to write the cover article "Willmore Bending Energy on the Space of Surfaces" for the Emissary about some of the topics at the MSRI Spring 2016 Program on Differential Geometry, where he was a semester-long Research Professor.