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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a community of scholars committed to excellence in research and instruction. We offer a comprehensive set of curricula in our disciplines, from introductory-level general education courses to doctoral dissertation direction and postdoctoral mentoring. Undergraduate majors enjoy a broad array of options through which they can earn the bachelor's degree, and can also apply to participate in summer research activities. The Department's Ph.D. program appears among the top public graduate programs in the recent National Research Council rankings. The M.S. programs in both Applied Mathematics and Statistics contribute to an important pipeline of professionally trained students who enter the high-technology industrial sector.

Faculty News Briefs

June 2017

Professor Rob Kusner gave the Drexel University colloquium on 22 May - his topic was "The space of soap bubbles." At the end of the month he heads to the Aspen Center for Physics to lead a working group with Yoav Kallus (Santa Fe Institute) and Wöden Kusner (Vanderbilt University) on rope packing, which also a topic of the 3-week ACP workshop during their visit.

On Cinco de Mayo, Professor Ivan Mirkovic delivered the Brandeis-Harvard-MIT colloquium at Brandeis on "Generalized loop Grassmannians."

During 30 May - 3 June 2017, Professor Franz Pedit participated in the LMS Workshop Programme Variational Methods in Submanifold Theory at the University of York, where he spoke about "Classification of homogeneous Willmore 2-spheres in the n-sphere." Franz will be on sabbatical for the remainder of the year, serving as Research Professor at the TU-Berlin SFBTR109 (Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics).

News Briefs will return in September 2017 - have a great summer!